Friday, May 19, 2006

[TIPS] - learn Spanish sites, Bits'n'Bytes, and more

Those two sites will help your students learn Spanish - free. After the discussion of the Ammendment to that bill yesterday I thought this one would be appropriate. :-)
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Also, the new Bits 'n' Bytes magazine is out. Find it here: (I've got an article in it this time. Woohoo!!)
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Finally, Read what BIll Gates has to say about the future of desktop computing.
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He used his keynote speech on Wednesday to tell the more than 100 CEOs of major global corporations attending his 10th CEO Summit that nothing has changed about that prediction. "I don't see it slowing down," he said.

Then he proceeded to explain and demonstrate how a wide range of areas and products that Microsoft is working on interrelate in his evolving vision of where the next 10 years will take global business.

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