Thursday, May 11, 2006

[TIPS] - changing case in Excel

What's this? A non-website tip? Yes, but one that SOMEDAY may come in handy for you.
You've got an Excel document. One column contains text that is in all upper case (or all lower case) and you want it to be a different case. The question then becomes, "Is there an easy way to change the case of text in a column in Excel?" The answer is: NO! The answer to "Why not?" is a mystery.
There is NO easy way to change case of text in Excel. If you search Excel's help text you'll find a method that goes something like this: Insert another column, use a function - upper() - to change the case of one column and put it into another column. Then you have to work a little magic so that the cells contain the VALUES and not the formulas, and then delete ... See? I told you it wasn't easy.
But, here, at least, is a faster (and I think easier) way.
1) In Excel, select the text that you want to change
3) Open a WORD document
5) Select the table that you just pasted in Word (a quick way is to ALT-Double click it)
6) Press SHIFT-F3 once to make it all upper case, again for lower case, and again for Sentence case (First word is capitalized). Press it again to start over.
7) Once it's the way you want it, COPY
8) Back in Excel, PASTE the text on top of what you had copied.
9) Done. See - in 9 easy (sigh) steps.  :-)
Now, on your home computer so might consider trying a little FREE program that will add a menu to Excel that will do this automatically. I won't give the name here, but you can find it if you try. Use at your own risk.

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