Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Discovery Day - should be a good one!

Announcing... Discovery Day. August 14th. Time - 8:00am  - 3:30 pm
Cost - $0.00 - nada - zip - zilch - zero
Still up in the air. In order to meet the demand, it may happen in a local school district, rather than here at the IU.
Lance Rougeux from Discovery Education will be on hand to conduct this workshop. If you're using - or considering using - UnitedStreaming's videos, this workshop is for you. Lance will show you the new UnitedStreaming Interface (set to be revealed in June) as well as some EXCELLENT ways to use it. I've seen him show how to put videos into powerpoints, and how to use Google Earth with unitedstreaming, and he's quite good. You'll love it.
The day will involve being broken out into groups where you'll learn specific ways to integrate it. It's a tried and true method that he's done many times before. I'm sure there will be other little bonuses, as well.
How to sign up:
Sign up on 48 carats. I've capped the attendance at 75.

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