Friday, April 07, 2006

[TIPS] - Send large files quickly and easily without clogging up your email.

You're in a hurry and you decide to check your email (often a mistake) and suddenly you're stuck waiting for an email with a large attachment to download. Or, you need to send a file that's 50 megs to someone and you KNOW that person has a dialup connection and it'll take forever to download. How can you send those large files to that person so that he/she can download them when they're ready? Enter:
This free service lets you upload a file and supply an email address of your friend. Your friend will get an email from the site with a link to the file which they can click on anytime within the 7 day period that they keep your file on hand. And - it can be up to 1 GIG!! (But shame on you for sending a 1 gig file!)
Other services that do the same thing include:,,
Of course, if YOU are on a dialup, too,  it just may be faster to put that 50 meg file on a jump drive and MAIL it to your friend. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Your blog page is really impressive! Can you launch the space shuttle from this thing? I'm convinced you can. You've put my knowledge of all things "tech" to shame! Marie :)