Wednesday, March 08, 2006

[TIPS] - suprglu, the good earth, and a space elevator

Today's tip is actually a "three-fer."
This first site is a suprglu site. It's an aggregator site for RSS feeds. (Don't Panic!) It's just a way to pull into one page all of the new articles that I subscribe to, such as blogs of various educators, news feeds, etc. It's free. A teacher could set one up and just point his/her students to that site and the students would be able to read (or at least SEE) everything the teacher reads. News feeds from NASA or Discover or USAToday, etc.
- - - -
This second site  -  - is a movie of a series of photographs taken of the earth that shows... well... a number of things. Be sure to read the notes in the bottom right corner of the movie that describe what it is you're seeing. For example, there may be two pictures back to back that are identical except for the colors. It turns out that the first shows the rivers as they SHOULD be, and the second shows the rivers after being heavily silted due to over logging upstream. The music alone is haunting - I think it's the same music used in the Hubble movie from a previous tip.
- - -
This third tip is just for fun - sort of.  Some people are taking it VERY seriously.  This article talks about a space elevator that some believe to be possible. Here's a clip:
"Earth is constantly spinning. So if you attach a counterweight to it with a cable, and put it far enough away-62,000 miles-the cable will be held taut by the force of the planet's rotation, just as if you spun around while holding a ball on a string. And if you've got a taut cable, you've got the makings of an elevator." Amazing, eh?

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