Monday, March 20, 2006

[TIPS] - the nist global clock - revisited

Ah, March. That time of year when so many of us wake up with a start thinking that we've overslept. :-) Yes, it's getting brighter, earlier. The days are getting longer. Does that put a smile on your face, or what?
Several people have asked me for the website where you can see what parts of the planet are in daylight and what parts are in darkness. Today is a critical day since the equinox occurs today. 
If you've not done this before, check out the map today with your students. Revisit it once a week and print out the screenshots. A nice lesson, to be sure.
And thanks to Larry W for sharing this one:
I havcen't found any mention of it being any sort of spyware, but you should ALWAYS be careful with this sort of thing.

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