Monday, March 20, 2006

[TIPS] - Google Earth tutorial and a bonus Word tip - Excellent screencast tutorials for Google Earth
Got Google Earth? If not, get it here: Once it's installed, dble click on the attachment to this email. (Not available in the blog)
Watch these tips this week for more on Google Earth.
- - - - Bonus Word Tip - - - 
You've just finished typing this short sentence in Word:
"I konw that the teaxhers have studeid this proceudre for sevreal weeks. "
Ooops. A few typos in there, yes? And, from your experience you know that you often mistype them like that. Don't you wish the computer would just go ahead and fix those typos?
Relax! Now it can! (Does this sound like a commercial?) How, you ask? That's easy. Simply right-click on each word, and choose Autocorrect> then the correctly spelled word from the autocorrect list of choices. You've just added it to the autocorrect list and now it WILL automatically correct those words as you mistype them.
Don't you wish we could do that with things that we SAY, as well?

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