Tuesday, March 21, 2006

[TIPS] - Google Earth Basics - and a cool news site

Lots of good stuff here including 3-d buildings, "Tour" mode, using GE offline, and much more. Return to the home page of that site (remove everything after the .com) and you'll be able to subscribe to this blog to be notified when new posts are added.
- - -
Not "into" GE? Try this tip, then. Would you like the read newspapers from around the country? Around the world? This one is quite interesting. Hover over the dots to see a sample image of the newspaper for that location appear on the right. Click the dot top open it in its own window. That window also has links back to the home website for that paper. Zoom in or out, move the map around, and change countries. Very cool!

See if you can find The Patriot News. Hmmm... "A Dry Season" it says....

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