Wednesday, February 15, 2006

[TIPS] - ThinkFree Office Online

This is the kind of application that has Microsoft worried. is a free web (2.0) application that allows to create word processing, spreadsheets, and "powerpoints" that mimic the Office application. But, the BIG difference is that it's FREE! And since it's accessible on the web you'll never need to worry about taking your jump drive containing all your important files along with you. They're already on the web.
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Have you ever wanted to edit an Excel spreadsheet on a Linux system? Have you ever wanted to show your colleagues a presentation on a computer not equipped with Powerpoint? Would you like to be able to add the interactivity of spreadsheets and presentations to your blog? How about accessing your Word documents from across the Internet and around the world? With ThinkFree Office Online, new from ThinkFree, Inc., you can do all this and more.
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How can these companies put this stuff out there for no charge to the consumer? They hope to become another Flickr, for example. That was a great startup company that made a great product and gave it away. Once it had the following that attracted the attention of the big companies, someone came along and bought it - for big bucks.
Previous tips pointed to some other online office-like programs. Remember goffice? You say you don't want an online office application for home because you're still on dialup, but you still want a free Office application? Try Star Office which is free for educaiton: Or, get Open Office here: Of course, if you're on dialup at home then you'll want to download these at work and take them home on your jump drive. (Try Star Office first)
Microsoft Office does NOT come pre-installed on the computers you buy, so if you want an office suite, these are some good options for you.

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