Friday, February 24, 2006

[TIPS] - browser shortcuts

In IE:
So you wanna find a definition of a word - say, *moodle. How do YOU find the definition? Do you rush off to Merriam Webster's site ( and search from there? I'll save you some time: For a definition of a word just type - define moodle - in the address field.
Another way to search for something, say, penguins, is to simply type: ? penguins in the address field - right over top of the address that's there. Presto - your default search engine pops up with the search results.
For Firefox:
In the address field type: google moodle - and hit enter. Google appears with the search results.
To find a definition of the word, in the address bar type: dict moodle
To do a wikipedia search, type: wp moodle and hit enter and up comes Wikipedia with the search result.
To get a stock quote, type: quote GOOG and up comes the latest stock quote from Yahoo Finance area.
- - -
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