Thursday, February 16, 2006

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Don't Panic! This isn't MySpace or LiveJournal. This is a blog that you can use in your teaching. It's free, as well
What can you do with a blog in your classroom? Talk to your students, for one thing. At the end of each day you could post an entry about the day's activities. Maybe remark about some good questions that arose in one class and maybe some other questions that came to mind as a result. Read the sample blog entries below that I'm about to make up on the fly. Do you see any benefit to being able to post this kind of information to your students?
- - - social studies blog entry 1- - -
Well, today was sure an interesting one. First, the firedrill interupted second period's class. Then, the network was out for 15 minutes. (What did we do before networks?) We made it through, though.
I thought that today's discussions on Andrew Jackson's decision to run the Indians out of the East were very good. So many of you commented that it wasn't fair and how could the American people let that happen? I can certainly understand your concerns, both for fairness and for what appears to be the apathy [that word would be linked to its definition at Merriam-Webster's site] of the American people to let it happen. Where was the outrage?
It's difficult to understand that time in our History, isn't it? I've lived through the Civil Right's movement of the 60's and when I see videos of how badly the black people were treated as they peacefully fought for basic human rights, I'm now embarassed that I didn't do more to help them. But, we can't apply today's sensitivities to yesterday's events. Do you know what I mean by that?
I'd be interested to know... if you could talk to President Jackson right now, what would you say to him? What arguement could you make that what he was doing was wrong? Why not click the Comment link below and add your thoughts?
- - - - - math blog entry - -
A math teacher might write:
Whew! We did our first slope-intercept work today and we all survived! I haven't lost a student yet. :-)
I was so busy today trying to get us all on track that I forgot to tell you who uses this sort of thing. I mean, if the only reason to do something is because you CAN, then it's not a good use of our time, is it?
I'll try to remember to tell you what professions use this tomorrow in class; don't let me forget. (Now I'll see who actually reads my blog posts, won't I?)
In the meantime, here is a nice little applet that you can play around with to see how the M, the X, and the b effect the line. Just move the two sliders on the left and watch it go.
Good work today, y'all. :-)
- - - -
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