Tuesday, February 07, 2006

[TIPS] - audio books on the web

This link is to a recent story on NPR about the growing popularity of audio books on the web. Not only will you learn where to find some of them, but it may even become a second career for you. Got a good voice for audio books?
And, it MAY EVEN spark an idea or two about how your STUDENTS could turn this into a great lesson. What if they got to read their own stories and post them online? Your class could even have its own podcast going wherein they took turns reading their poems or stories. What if you had a wikibook story that they could read? (It's a book open for all to edit. Supply a couple character types, a location, a time, and a generic plot and see what happens.) Geez - Imagine! Your students writing - and LOVING IT!
You'll need Real Player to hear the story.

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