Tuesday, January 10, 2006

[TIPS] - sudoku puzzles

Thanks to Deb M for sharing this one.
Ever heard of sudoku puzzles? Here's the wikipedia definition (very complete): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudoku
And here: http://www.sudokuscore.com/ is a sudoku website where you can find puzzles for all age and skill levels. I thought I was doing pretty good- until I saw that it was set to Kids level 1. <sigh>
There is even a bit of html code that will allow you to paste that code into YOUR website to let users click a link to get the puzzle of the day. I'll bet that those of you with middle school aged students and above might be surprised to see how many of your students would get hooked on these puzzles, too. Print out the daily puzzles for your bulletin board and watch to see who accepts the challenge.

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KristinW said...

Another good site for free online sudoku puzzles is Fiendish Sudoku. It has new puzzles every day at five diffilculty levels, plus it can give hints or step-by-step solutions. It also has a choice of grid sizes, a large archive, and several options for printing.

A good site that lets you host their puzzles on your website is SudokuHints. Just include a small snippet of code and you'll get new puzzles every day automatically.