Monday, January 23, 2006

[TIPS] - sightseeing with GoolgeMaps

Sightseeing with Google Maps. What's fun to see?
Try the Airplane graveyard site - thousands of old, abandoned airplanes, rusting away on the desert.
Or, how about the infamous Area 51? Some are quite good. Others are disappointing - like the Pyramids, for example.
If you follow some of the other links you can find a blog ( where you can find all sorts of "mashups", or Google maps with markers on them. One such mashup will show you - in real time - where the trains are in Dublin, Ireland. Another will tell you where you'd end up if you dug a really deep hole to the other side of the Earth. :-)
P.S. Remember, if you click a link and you get an error on the page, check the address to see if there are two http:// in the front. I've not yet figured out what's causing that to happen.

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