Thursday, January 05, 2006

[TIPS] - littleclickers

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Welcome all you kids, teachers, children's librarians and really smart goldfish! This site is dedicated to excellence in educational web sites for children (aged 3-to 12-years), as judged by the picky editors of Children's Technology Review magazine.
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I now know why my links were getting corrupted, so it shouldn't happen again. The links from the past two days ( and the nasa site) were BOTH bad, and while that was MOST bothersome it did clue me in on why it was happening.
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Two thirds (2/3) of the nation's Math and Science teachers will retire by 2010. Yet, the number of 18-24yr olds with science degrees is 17th in the WORLD! (Interesting that he'd go as young as 18, isn't it?)

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