Wednesday, January 04, 2006

[TIPS] - Earth Observatory at NASA

From the site:
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The purpose of NASAs Earth Observatory is to provide a freely-accessible publication on the Internet where the public can obtain new satellite imagery and scientific information about our home planet. The focus is on Earths climate and environmental change. In particular, we hope our site is useful to public media and educators. Any and all materials published on the Earth Observatory are freely available for re-publication or re-use, except where copyright is indicated. We ask that NASAs Earth Observatory be given credit for its original materials.

We encourage Earth scientists and science writers from all NASA centers, as well as all agencies and universities affiliated with NASAs Earth Science Enterprise, to submit articles and/or images for publication on the Earth Observatory. Prospective contributing authors and graphic artists should refer to our Online Style Guide before submitting.
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From the World is Flat book: (re: The importance of Science and Math in schools today)
40% of the 18000+ employees at NASA are over the age of 50
22% are over 55
12% over 60 while only 4% are under 30
Will YOUR student become a scientist for NASA?

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