Wednesday, December 21, 2005

[TIPS] - NPR John Henry Faulk's Christmas Story

Yes, it's that time again. Time to give you the link to John Henry' Faulk's telling of his wonderful Christmas story. I've been sending this link to you for what, 6 years? Longer? But, some of you are new, and others may still enjoy hearing it again. It requires Real Player. If you've NOT heard it before, treat yourself and give a listen. Why not play this for your class and ask them to write about the little boy in the story?
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Don't want to hear it again? Then maybe this one is for you.
What is it? Well, what if you could go to a website where there was a virtual sketchpad on which you were allowed to add a couple lines. You just draw a couple lines. But, when you're done you're given the opportunity to adjust the opaqueness of some other lines. By making some lighter and others darker, you - and the masses who visit this site - suddenly find yourselves drawing something. Suddenly an image emerges. Granted, it's nothing you'd want to frame, but it's an interesting study, if nothing else. Oh, and you can also click a button and watch a replay of how this thing was made over time. Very cool idea. Non-productive, you say? But of course.

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