Thursday, December 01, 2005

[TIPS] - Nettrekker tip

Have you signed onto Nettrekker, yet? Ask your tech director for details and for your IU's keyword that you'll need to create your account. It's available NOW courtesy of the PA Dept of Education.
How can you learn more about the system? On the page where you create(d) your account ( there is a PA symbol in the top right corner area. Under that symbol is a link. That link takes you to a page full of links to GREAT training resources. For example, you can find a one hour workshop "script" that takes you thorugh many of the key areas of Nettrekker. The three hour script goes into more of the areas. (It won't take three hours, and it really is good. Use this one if you can.) There are scavenger hunts and even links to Atomic Learning videos that show how to use the system.

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