Friday, October 28, 2005

[TIPS] - two sites from West Perry

I'm going to send this along just as I received it. Make sure your Art teachers see this! (Thanks to Dave B for sharing this resource)
Two items.

1. I thought you might be interested in spreading the word on It's a great site for English teachers.

2. I actually found the following website on

The Memory Project essentially connects high school students in the U.S. with
children from an impoverished country (currently Uganda). What this
organization does is send a photograph of one of these children to the U.S.
students who then create an artistic representation of the child which is
returned to the child. The artwork is to serve as a happy memory for these
children who are forced to live the most tragic of lives.

If you look at the website, you will see that the artwork is of a very high
quality and must be because of its significance to the children. I was hoping
that you might pass this website on to other schools and educators to see if
they are interested. I know that we have a few art students who would be
willing to participate, but I thought it would be much more effective if we
could increase the number of pictures sent by inviting art students from
across the IU to contribute. (Maybe we could even display them at the IU for
a week!)

I currently serve as the Peer Helpers advisor at West Perry High School. The
students in this group agreed to pay for the shipping of these works of art
which can be expensive.

Could you please get the word out to other districts and have them funnel it
to their art teachers or other appropriate personnel? Anyone who is
interested could contact me at
or by calling 717-789-3931. Please check out the site. I would really like
to see this take off!

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