Wednesday, October 19, 2005

[TIPS] - converting dates in Excel

Suppose you've got a date field that displays the date as, "10/19/2005" and you need it to be 10192005 - without the slashes. Can it be done? You betcha.
Select the cell (or the entire column) and choose Format>Format Cells.
From the list of formats in the General tab, choose Custom.
In the field on the right (above the large list of formats) enter mmddyyyy
Click OK to get back out.
dates such as 7/4/1995 will now show up as 07041995.
Strange tip, eh? Well, this is a result of a phonecall from someone who was working with the PSSA data (I think ) and needed to make this very conversion.
For the rest of you, how about this fun game about Nutrition?

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