Wednesday, September 14, 2005

[TIPS] - World Almanac for Kids

TONS of things to learn and do in this site. You can explore fun facts about animals or inventions or Presidents, and even space. Or, in the Fun and Games area you can play games, take fun quizzes, and even enter a classroom contest.
Here's a teaser -
The computer mouse was invented in 1968, by Doug Englebart, but he did not use that name for it. He called it an "x-y position indicator."
Or this one:
You can figure out the temperature in the summer by listening to cricket chirps. Count the chirps you hear in 15 seconds, and add 39. That should give you the Fahrenheit temperature outdoors within a couple of degrees! (WIthin a couple degrees? Then heck, just add 40 - easier math, right? :-)  )

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