Tuesday, September 06, 2005

[TIPS] - a wiki playground

Ever heard of a wiki? (WICK'-ee) Wikipedia.org is an example of a giant wiki, where anyone can go in there and add to it.
I've created a wiki for us to play around with, too. It's from a site called PBWiki (for PeanutButter Wiki). Here's what you do:
2) Enter your name and an email address. (Don't worry, you won't get spammed or blasted with emails every time someone makes a change. At least *I* haven't. Ignore what it says there.)
3) Use: letmein (let me in) as the password
Don't Panic! :-)  You can't hurt it. Really! Read the first page. Relax. Click one or two of the links. (Click the Frontpage link at the top to get back to the start page.)
Now, when you're ready, click the StartHere link. Read my easy-to-follow instructions and click the Edit button at the top to give it a try.
Why am I showing you this? Once you see how easy it is to use I'm hoping that you'll start to think about how you could use something like this with your students. In fact, maybe one or two of the brave ones among you might even tell us how you'd use it when you create your own page. I'm working to get a wiki server at the IU so that we won't have to use public wikis with our students. THink about it... your class has just finished a unit (or a new book) and you create a wiki summarizing the book. THen you could ask the students to get in there to expound upon the ideas that you've started. It could turn into quite the project. Your turn - how else might you use it?
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