Wednesday, September 28, 2005

[TIPS] - MathWorld's Interactives and a bonus

I lost over 2 years worth of tips when I had this machine upgraded(?) to XP. I failed to backup my archive. :-(    So, this tip MAY be a repeat from a while back.
This site has over 100 animated GIFs, over 400 applets, and over 80 interactive examples of math functions of all kinds. If - no, WHEN - you try some of the applets you'll find that they don't seem to do anything. Click and drag them to rotate them. Amazing graphs. The Interactive examples are those where you input values to see the change in the graphs.
Not for the younger students, but definately one to bookmark for the upper grades.
And on another note, thanks to Barry for sending this one. Here's a National Geographic article that desribes the devastation and deaths from the hurricane. What's new? It was written in 2004!! It appears they have Nostradamus on their staff.  Or, perhaps Cassandra? 

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