Wednesday, September 07, 2005

[TIPS] - Great Questions of History

There has long been a need for a web site dedicated to determining what Americans think about important issues in their history. The Great Questions of History site addresses this need and makes history come alive by allowing people to vote on these key questions. It provides up to the minute vote results and bar graphs showing vote percentages. Although the numbers are not scientific, they do illustrate how Americans feel about matters that were (and are) crucial to their country and the world.
Even if you don't actually vote, I'll bet you'll find the questions EXCELLENT. "Why was America's indpendence inevitable?" "Was the Civil War unavoidable?" "Was the youth movement of the '69's the key to a better America?"
Check it out. Oh, and as a reminder, if you've lost the set of links that I sent out over the summer regarding links for Constitution Day, my tip archive can be found here:


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