Thursday, September 22, 2005

[TIPS] - Great freebies from Microsoft

Do you have Windows XP (SP2)? Well, you may then want to check out some of the MANY freebies from Microsoft. This page links out to free software for your digital camera, free "skins" and songs and screensavers, and a link to what they call "PowerToys and Add-ins." The Power Toys are worth taking a look at, for sure, especially for those who are quite comfortable with Windows.
Finally (and thanks to Kathy J for this tip) you may also want to download both MovieMaker ( and PhotoStory ( Both are wonderful, FREE programs. Make movies, tell picture stories, complete with sound track, and much, much more.
(Oh, and many have written to say that they can't install programs because their computers are locked down. Remember, we all have signed an Acceptable Use Policy. Many of those forbid the installation of files on work-owned computers. So, for something like this, download and install on your HOME computer. If it's worthwhile for school, talk to your tech person to get permission to install it there.)

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