Thursday, September 01, 2005

[TIPS] - excel utilities and one for the rest of us

Are you an Excel user? Are you a Power User? (Pretty comfortable with the program) Then, you may want to try this package of FREE ad-ins. There are over 300 new functions that will be added to your excel application, ranging from those that help with the visual display, to print options, to functions that will, say, change formatting based on unusual specifications (color the n'th row in columns X, Y, and J, for example).
It's not for the new user, but those who are comfortable with Excel will like the new power tools.
Now, something for the rest of us. :-)
You've seen by now, I'm sure. Amazing, isn't it? (Have you tried the hybrid button yet?) Did you know there is one for the moon, as well? When you first 'land' there you'll see the markers where various moon landings have occured. But, for the REAL treat, ZOOM IN the WHOLE WAY for proof of what some have long suspected.

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