Friday, July 29, 2005

[TIPS] - Constitution Day sites



Commonwealth Libraries Constitution Day (September 17) Web Sources Available
Constitution Day -- The Bill of Rights Institute ---
Constitution Resources -- Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
Independence Day Activities
NARA The National Archives Experience
National Constitution Center - Centuries of Citizenship
National Constitution Center Interactive Constitution
Search Results, Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)
United States Constitution Primary Documents of American History (Virtual Programs & Services, Library of Congress)

As you are probably aware, this year the Federal Government has mandated that September 17th be observed as Constitution Day, and all schools receiving federal funds must do something to observe the day. Interesting.
I thought I'd send out a short list of sites that may help you prepare for meeting that requirement. It's an exported web page of bookmarks. Just double click the attachment and it should open in your browser where you can click on the links to check out the sites for yourself. They're in no particular order.
Those of you with video conferencing equipment may also want to check out and search for constitution to see what video conferences you may want to participate in. Or, think of one of your own and contact your tech person to help you make it happen. Wouldn't it be fun to share a Constitution Day activity with another school and class somewhere, either local or farther away?

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