Wednesday, June 15, 2005

[TIPS] - megaconferencejr archive

About half way down this page are the links for the archive of the megaconferencejr event. Make sure it says: Created on: 05/19/2005 . It's an 11 hour event, but you can slide the ... "slider thing" (the official geek term).. to various parts and watch what interests you.
It will require that you install the viewer, and my XP machine (sigh) didn't want to install it as it was "unsigned." But, by clicking the "click here" link it forced the install.
The page displays the video on the left and the chat area on the right. That area is of little use, however - in my opinion - other than to show that this live chat was going on the entire day, along with the video event.
Steelton Highspire's part is early on. On my screen if I position that slider thing between the stop button and the "back to start" button I'll see it. A small group of little children dressed in Indian garb preceeds them. But, check out different parts of the day. As I've said before, this was a "goosebump day."

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