Thursday, May 19, 2005

[TIPS] - megaconferencejr images

Congratulations to Steelton-Highspire SD for being the first of our districts to participate in the second annual megaconferencejr, the world wide video conference held on Internet2. Byron Kiehl, their tech director and Eric Cripe, OUR network guru, spent much time working out the bugs so that the conference would come off without a hitch, and their efforts paid off in spades.

This link, points to a windows media player file of a movie I created in Picasa2 from the images I took during my visit to SHSD this morning to watch them participate. Check it out. Oh, and allow it ample time for it to download, as it's a 65mb file. (That's right, 65mb, so dialup users shouldn't wait up for it. :-) ) And another thing (a bonus TIP, if you will), when the movie starts, if you press Alt-Enter it will toggle to a full screen.

Congratulations again to Steelton Highspire for their successful foray into the video conferencing world. I'd sure LOVE to see more of our local districts participating next year. It was quite painless and the kids were blown away by it.

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