Friday, May 13, 2005

The Tips Blog - Welcome!

Greetings all. I thought this might be a painless way of introducing you to the world of Blogs - weB-LOGS, that is. It's nothing to fear or necessarily avoid, and it CAN be educational and fun.

I plan to post my tips to this blog when I send them out each day. (This site will allow you to email a blog post. Cool, eh?) THis way you can always come back here to look for old ones or comment on them or even post your own. Think about it - this COULD be a VERY helpful resource if we use it.

So, to get thing started here's today's tip:

This is a reminder of a stie I sent out three years ago: is it? The front page is a matrix of little images. Each image links to a small game designed for the younger ones. Some come with direcitons. Others don't and you have to figure out the object of the game. Flash based. Very nice. Network friendly, too.

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